Run Hour Timer alows you to programs your energy usage like a prepaid card! 8-in-1 filtration system Energy Saving Plug on timer & remote models Econo Mode - when used with the Energy Saving Plug, the electric fan turns ON once desired room temperature is reached. Cooling Fail Function – shows error when unit is not cooling Anti-freeze protection – shuts down unit when ice formation is detected on the coil Filter Cleanup reminder – shows message to tell you its time to clean the filters Available in Standard, Deluxe and Remote models Nominal Size 1.0 HP Cooling Capacity 9,300 kJ/Hr Energy Efficiency Ratio 9.6 kJ/W-Hr Power Consumption 968 W

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  • Lea Garcia

    I would like to inquire if you deliver in Pasig ? And do you also install the aircon in the condo ? I\'m thinking to order 2 aircon in 2 bedroom . In main bedroom we need 1 HP and the second bedroom we need .75 HP ? Can you please quote me the price ? Also thinking to put one in the living room and may need 2HP but still undecided about the living room. Depends on the offer and price for all ?