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OCEANIARE GENERAL CONTRACTING CORP. is a very dynamic, innovative and God-fearing company established in 1999. It was started as a single proprietorship named Oceaniare Air conditioning that latter grown as a corporation, named Oceaniare General Contracting Corporation.

Our products and services are diverse in nature, engaging in HVAC, Electrical, Construction, Gen. Services and Consultancy. It has developed and maintained a market and product line which are reliable, possessing competitiveness and quality with reasonable pricing. Our strong expertise in understanding customer needs and mapping them against its wide range of superior products, give us a comprehensive edge in the market place.

We commit ourselves to Quality to merit customer satisfaction. Our success in business has been led by JESUS CHRIST and faith is HIS WORDS that leads us in having a strong passion and commitment to promote good clientele relationships. Through these principles and our notable superior quality and service from its humble beginning, we’ve been recognized as the “Baklas Aircon” type of cleaning by our clients.